How do I move a grocery list item to a different section?

How do I move a grocery list item to a different section?

Tap the item you want to reorganize. 


Tap the section field.


Tap on the section you would like to move the item to.


Tap "My List" to go back to your grocery list.

The item will now be in its new section.


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      Tap an ingredient on your grocery list Tap the delete button
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      From the Recipe's detail screen tap "Add to List" The recipe ingredients will automatically be added to your Grocery List. Tap "My List" to view your list.
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      After adding recipes to your list tap "Shop This List Online" Enter your zip code or tap "Find Nearest Zipcode" to find a zip code near you Choose your favorite grocer and tap Log In Log into your grocer using your username and password for their ...
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      Select a recipe from your recipe list and tap the ellipsis at the top right of the RecipeBox. Tap "Delete Recipe" Tap "Delete Recipe" to confirm Alternatively, you can press and hold on the recipe from the My Recipes tab to delete a recipe.