How do I copy a meal plan to another date?

How do I copy a meal plan to another date?

If you have a regular meal you you cook often you can quickly copy it to another date. Select the date you want to duplicate in the calendar screen and then tap "Duplicate" on the meal plan's detail screen.



Select the date you want to copy the meal plan to and tap "Save". All recipes in the meal plan will be copied to the new date.



Your meal plan will now appear on the new date and it will still be saved on the original date. 


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    • How do I a delete single day's meal plan?

      After choosing your day from your meal plan, tap the "Delete" button at the bottom right of your screen. Tap "Delete" to confirm you want to delete all recipes from this day's meal plan.
    • How do I remove a single recipe from a meal plan?

      Swipe left on the recipe you'd like to remove from that day's meal plan. Tap "Remove" and the recipe will be removed from the meal plan.
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